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Cydia download and install with Cydia Guider

Real way to customize your iDevice using cydia with few step

Cydia download and install all cydia loving users help this guide to jailbreak and cydia download for your device. This proccess can do just few click using cyGuder, it will more comfortable with your device. Only you need click install button from Safari Browser to install our free tool, lets follow cyGuider it will easy way to jailbreak and cydia download and install.

Comfortable version & requirements

1. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
2. iOS 3 > iOS 10.2 ..
Cydia for iDevices

Follow few step for install cyGuider

This freeware tool most useful for any cydia lovers, use advantage of cyGuider for jailbreak and cydia download and install to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Tap Install

1. Now you can see some file with install icon, click install to start install proccess.

Install cyGuider

2. You have to confirm the installing process, click Install icon.

Install completed

3. Click "Done" area completes install process

cyGuider Homescreen

4. If completed install process successfully, you can see cyGuider on your Home screen, lest click on cyGuider .

How to unistall amazing cyGuider

Go to Setting your iDevice >> General >> Profiles >> Developer Name >> Delete Profile.
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